Community Safety 101: Toddlers

I You know, sometimes just keeping our children safe feels like a full job in-and-of itself. Between making sure our kids don’t run out into the middle of the road or put something that they think is oh-so enticing into their mouths (even though you’ve told them over and over again not to), it’s exhausting. […]

Sensory Issues: The Sensory Avoidant Child

Last time, we spoke about the sensory seeking child (please see the previous post: Sensory Issues: The Sensory Seeking Child for more information), now we’re going to flip that coin over and talk about the sensory avoidant child. While a child can be sensory seeking and sensory avoiding, it’s good to have an understanding on […]

Handling Sibling Rivalry

Parents and caregivers of more than one child know the struggle of your children fighting over the same toy, pushing each other’s buttons or name calling. Sometimes the fights/arguments come to an end on their own without too much fall out. But, how do we as parents handle sibling rivalry with out seeming like there’s […]

Helping Your Child with Self-Regulation (pre-school aged)

Children can struggle with self-regulation skills; it is helpful to be able to identify when our children are overwhelmed/overstimulated/under stimulated and assist in developing their own coping skills in order to be able to self-regulate. Every child regulates differently, so here are some popular options that may help.   Help your child identify how they […]

Nurturing Tiny Treasures

Welcoming a toddler into your life is a joyous experience, but it also comes with a new set of responsibilities. As your little one explores the world around them, ensuring their safety and well-being becomes a top priority. In this blog, we’ll discuss essential toddler safety and health tips to help parents navigate this exciting […]