Monitoring Screen Time!

Children are growing up surrounded by digital media. TV, videos, social media, video games, and much more are all included. Media has the power to affect how kids feel, learn, think, and act. This is why it’s crucial to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of screentime. Learning and social skills delays: Overwatching TV can cause deficits […]

Nutrition During Preschool & Kindergarten

  When children eat properly, they feel better. Your child should be eating the same foods as the rest of the family during the preschool and kindergarten years. As a parent, it is your job to provide nutritious food in a calm environment at set mealtimes. Here’s some tips for parents during meal times:    […]

First Day Jitters

Stretching out your separation times gradually several months prior to the start of school is one strategy to ease kindergarten fears. The goal is to slowly help your child become more comfortable with adults besides immediate family and realize they can survive without their parents present. Here are some ideas that may help:    Help […]

Kindergarten Readiness!

We’re not just talking about academics here. Your child’s social, emotional, and behavioral skills are as important for academic achievement, and far too many children in the United States begin kindergarten without them.    When you’re deciding if your child is kindergarten ready consider the following:  Examine your child’s growth attentively. Is your youngster capable […]

Tips for Picky Eaters!

For toddlers, picky eating is frequently the norm. Try not to get frustrated by this typical toddler behavior. Simply provide healthy meal options and know that with time, your child’s appetite and eating habits will stabilize. Here are some tips that can help you get through the picky eating stage:   Make food fun : […]

Heat Rash

The most common victims of heat rash are infants and young children. It happens when it’s hot and muggy outside. Entrances to the sweat glands are blocked. Little red lumps appear around the sweat duct openings as a result of this. With the July heat, it’s important to check for possible heat rashes in skin […]

Cooking With Your Toddler: How it helps Their Development

Your toddler can take control of their learning through hands-on experiences. Learn how cooking can stimulate your child’s social, physical, and cognitive development!   Social/Emotional Development:    Toddlers may practice skills including problem-solving, sharing, and teamwork. Children learn the value of following instructions and being mindful of those around them by developing and following recipes […]

Play Time: How Play Time Gets Your Toddler Ready for School!

As they grow and develop, your toddler will explore and learn about the world via play time. As a parent or caregiver, you may encourage and support this play. Allow your child plenty of time to play, and join in on the fun whenever possible! Young children start getting ready for school through play. They […]

Let’s Talk About Tantrums!

What is a tantrum and what are the best ways to stop/prevent them? It may bring little comfort to know that tantrums are an age-appropriate behavior that most (if not all) parents experience with their young children. An unplanned burst of anger and frustration is considered a tantrum. It is often a result of your […]

Spotlight on Developmental Screenings. What is an ASQ?

 If you’re a parent or caregiver of small children you’ve probably heard the term “developmental screening” before. While there are some parents who are familiar with these screenings there are many that don’t know how the process works. An easy way to describe a screening is a “quick check” of your child’s development. Why does […]