Good Sleep Habits

Ah…sleep, the thing that every living being has to do; except maybe jellyfish and sea stars…do worms sleep???   Anyway, before we go off down a rabbit hole of googling random animals sleeping habits; let’s focus on our own species shall we?   Sleep changes throughout our life and when our children are young, it […]

Catch Your Kids Being Good!

Nothing beats the feeling when you’re told that you’ve done a good job; especially by someone that you admire. Kids feel the same way. It’s probably one of the easiest way to ensure that our kids continue to do good (well, that and maybe candy); positively praising our children encourages them to continue to be […]

Infant and Child CPR

Preparing for a disaster can sometimes be intimidating. I Look, no one wants to think about their child or any child in their life in harm’s way, but as caregivers want to be prepared if something terrible happens.   Felling helpless is never a good feeling, especially when it’s an emergency. In this blog, we’re […]

Child Proofing: 101

Hooray! Your baby is crawling and learning to walk, such a big milestone! ♥   “Wait….No….Timmy don’t touch that!” “Put…That…Down!” “You’re going to fall!” “How did you get up there?”   Does this sound familiar? Maybe not yet if you’re a new parent, but just wait, it will. And soon, as a parent your new […]

Community Safety 101: Toddlers

I You know, sometimes just keeping our children safe feels like a full job in-and-of itself. Between making sure our kids don’t run out into the middle of the road or put something that they think is oh-so enticing into their mouths (even though you’ve told them over and over again not to), it’s exhausting. […]

Sensory Issues: The Sensory Avoidant Child

Last time, we spoke about the sensory seeking child (please see the previous post: Sensory Issues: The Sensory Seeking Child for more information), now we’re going to flip that coin over and talk about the sensory avoidant child. While a child can be sensory seeking and sensory avoiding, it’s good to have an understanding on […]