Bottle vs Breast: The feeding debate for babies

After finding out that you are expecting, you may get many different tips and tricks from others who have had babies.  One of the topics you might hear the most about is how you plan on feeding your baby: breast or formula fed.  Most expecting mothers and families have probably heard “breast is best” and […]

Thrush: why is my baby’s tongue white?

Have you ever noticed that your baby has a white tongue and it won’t wipe away no matter how many times you try?  The culprit could be thrush!  What exactly is thrush you might ask.  It is an overgrowth of yeast that coats your baby’s mouth and tongue.  Symptoms to look out for would be […]

Croup: what is it and what to do?

Many people with young children have heard of croup before, but for the new parents reading it may be a scary thing to experience for the first time.  What exactly is croup? It is a barky cough that will most likely happen out of nowhere, often in the middle of the night, when your little […]

Raising Responsible Children

Accomplishing a task that a child is responsible for is very rewarding for them and boosts their self esteem.  It is essential for parents, caregivers and teachers to know the importance of teaching responsibilities to children starting at a young age.  As preschoolers get older and gain more independence, learning responsibility is essential.  There are […]

Healthy Eating to Overcome Childhood Obesity

Each year the obesity rates amongst children and adults goes up. Per the CDC’s report on Wisconsin Obesity the percentage of overweight children aged 2 through 5 was 16.6%, which went from the 85th percentile to the 95th percentile for BMI-for-Age. The percentage of obese children aged 2 through 5 was 14.1% which is great […]

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy  and childbirth are very exciting times but can also be very difficult and challenging. According to the CDC there are approximately four million babies born in the U.S each year. Regular exercise is a simple way for expecting and new moms to stay healthy, gain confidence and increase their energy levels. There are many […]

How Much Screen Time is too much?

Have you ever wondered how much screen time your child should be getting? Are they getting too much? What could happen if your child gets too much screen time? Hopefully we can answer a few of your screen time questions for your children.   According to the American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP) it is recommended that […]

The Importance of Dental Health

February kicks off National Children’s Dental Health Month. Why is children’s dental health month so important, let alone dental health? This month is all about getting children, and families, excited and willing to take care of their dental health. According to the American Dental Association, Children’s Dental Health was started as a one day celebration […]

Six More Weeks of Winter!

It just so happens that it is Groundhog’s Day, which it is said there is six more weeks of winter coming our way, and we are talking about winter activities!  With more winter weather potentially coming our way, I’m sure most families could need some ideas on what to do with their little ones at […]

R.S.V-What to Look Out For

What exactly is RSV? New parents and Established parents have probably heard those three letters before. RSV stands for Respiratory Syncytial Virus infection. As of November 2022, there has been a rise in cases in the local areas. RSV can affect everyone, but it can be especially dangerous in infants and children under 1 year […]