Parenting Tips

Helping Children Manage Stress

Many things can cause your child stress: a change in routine, having a new caregiver, starting or changing daycares/schools, a new sibling, or even our own stress can trigger our children. We can’t prevent our children from getting stressed, but what we can do is help manage it.   When stress becomes an everyday occurrence, […]

Managing Challenging Behaviors

Every kid has their bad days, but when the good days are becoming few and far between families can feel frustrated and unsure of what to do. Some challenging behaviors can look like: tantrums, hitting, biting, throwing or breaking things; but as adults we have to remember that littles don’t know how to manage their […]

The Kenosha Public Library and You!

The Kenosha public library has a lot to offer our community, and we thought that it was time that we highlighted all the awesome things KPL has to offer.   The KPL system has several locations: The Northside Neighborhood Library, The Simmons Neighborhood Library, The Southwest Library and The Uptown Library. There’s also a bookmobile, […]

How to Prep and Help Your Children Adapt to a New Baby

  Bringing home a new baby is always exciting for everyone involved, but sometimes that excitement wears off pretty quickly for the children already in the home; you know, with all the crying, poopy diapers, and parents who are sleep deprived. So, what can we do to better prepare our children for the new baby? […]

Finding The Right Pediatrician

If you’re a new parent, are expecting, recently moved to a new area or are just no longer able to utilize your current pediatrician anymore this Blog’s for you.   Sometimes we just get lucky and end up with a pediatrician that gets us and understands our children’s needs by picking a random name off […]

Good Sleep Habits

Ah…sleep, the thing that every living being has to do; except maybe jellyfish and sea stars…do worms sleep???   Anyway, before we go off down a rabbit hole of googling random animals sleeping habits; let’s focus on our own species shall we?   Sleep changes throughout our life and when our children are young, it […]

Catch Your Kids Being Good!

Nothing beats the feeling when you’re told that you’ve done a good job; especially by someone that you admire. Kids feel the same way. It’s probably one of the easiest way to ensure that our kids continue to do good (well, that and maybe candy); positively praising our children encourages them to continue to be […]