What does Healthy Eating Look Like for Kids?

Having healthy eating habits as an adult is important and oftentimes comes from a good foundation as a child.  It is never too early or late to start establishing those healthy eating habits!  You can even start these habits when your little ones are babies!  Picking a quiet, safe spot to feed your infant and baby is important as it will increase the bonding between baby and parent/caregiver, as well as get them comfortable with a feeding routine.  Once they get old enough to start introducing new foods, it is important to start out with vegetables first.  Start one per time, typically giving each flavor 3-5 days to check for food allergies.  Introducing vegetables first can help your baby get used to the savory flavors over the sweet flavors of fruits.



There are several resources to check for healthy eating habits for not only kids but adults too.  Check out this link from USDA My Plate to get tips on how to get your toddler into healthy eating habits.



If you are looking for more local help, check out Racine/Kenosha FoodWIse.  It is a program that helps with planning and preparing healthy and nutritious meals, saving money, and other tips for healthy eating and living.  An educational navigator will work with your family to go over healthy alternatives for meals, where to find affordable healthy meals, how to prepare them and nutritional education.  A large part of child and family wellness is having healthy and nutritious meals.