Tips for Picky Eaters!

For toddlers, picky eating is frequently the norm. Try not to get frustrated by this typical toddler behavior. Simply provide healthy meal options and know that with time, your child’s appetite and eating habits will stabilize. Here are some tips that can help you get through the picky eating stage:


  1. Make food fun : Foods prepared visually appealingly and creatively tend to grab the attention of a toddler.  Arrange foods in vibrant , enjoyable shapes that children can recognize. Kids of this age also frequently favor foods that include dips and are easy to eat with their fingers. Make sure the portions are small enough to prevent choking by cutting solid foods into manageable bite-sized pieces.


  1. Involve your toddler in meal planning/preparation :  Let your toddler pick which fruit and vegetable to make for dinner or during visits to the grocery store. Read kid-friendly cookbooks together and let your child pick out new recipes to try.


  1. Try again : Just because a child refuses food once, don’t give up. Keep offering new foods and those your child didn’t like before. It can take as many as 10 or more times tasting a food before a toddler’s taste buds accept it. Scheduled meals and limiting snacks can help ensure your child is hungry when a new food is introduced.


  1. Crossing bridges : Once a food is accepted, use what nutritionists call “food bridges” to introduce others with similar color, flavor and texture to help expand variety in what your child will eat. If your child likes pumpkin pie, for example, try mashed sweet potatoes and then mashed carrots. 


If you are concerned about your child’s nutrition, consult with a physician, who can help troubleshoot and ensure that your child is getting all of the nutrients he or she needs to grow and develop. Remember that picky eating is a natural developmental stage for toddlers. Do your best to patiently guide them along the path of healthy eating.


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