Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Little One

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, here are some creative ways that you and your little one can celebrate the day.



Non-Messy/Limited Mess Crafts 


A Valentine’s day scavenger hunt, going around the home or in your community and searching for things that are heart shaped, red or pink, cupids, or anything that reminds you of a loved one.



Create a heart shaped sun catcher to put in a window, let the love shine through! https://www.happinessishomemade.net/easy-toddler-valentine-craft/



Create personalize valentine’s day cards with any crafting material you have laying around- get creative! Valentines day cards don’t have to be cards or card shaped; you can make them anything you want them to be. Using your little ones hands you can trace and cut out the shape of their hands. For babies, you can paint their little toes, feet, or hands and stamp them onto paper. For 6mo+ you can put a piece of paper into a large ziplock bag, add some paint, seal up the bag and let them create their own masterpiece.



Create a color sorting game; cut little hears out of different colored paper and have your little one sort them out onto heart shaped colored paper that matches the little hearts.




Messy Crafting


Crate a Valentine’s day sensory bottle, make it SPARKLE! (sorry-not-sorry for the glitter) https://fun-a-day.com/heart-glitter-jar-valentines-day/



Finger painting a Love Bug with your kids https://rhythmsofplay.com/fingerprint-love-bug/



Make Valentine’s day slime https://taminglittlemonsters.com/valentines-day-glitter-slime/



Baking and frosting valentines day cookies. Sometimes your local grocery store will have cookie kits already prepared (pre-baked cookies, frosting or pre-baked cookies and edible marker sets to color the cookies) so no baking required.



Color some shaving cream pink or red and- put it in a bin or large bowl and allow your toddler to play. Or for your baby, color some whip cream with red food dye to and allow them to play (then if they eat it, no worries).