Why are well child visits important?

New Parents often notice that they have to take their newborn babies to the doctor quite often.  While this is reassuring for many parents to have a doctor’s eye on their baby, it is also essential.  Well child visits start right after a child is taken home from the hospital and will continue all throughout their childhood and teenage years.  These well child visits typically follow a schedule.  As tedious as it may be to stick to a schedule for these appointments, it is very important that parents do so.  Children grow and develop at such a rapid rate, it’s important to track their development and make sure there are no health concerns that slip through the cracks.  Well child visits are essential to children and families in a variety of ways.  Here are a few examples of how essential they are:

♦Help track developmental milestones
♦Keep children up to date on their immunizations
♦Health concerns can get addressed promptly
♦Behavior concerns can get addressed promptly
♦Offer a team approach
♦Growth and nutrition are discussed
♦Bike, car and water safety issues are discussed
♦Provides an opportunity for parents to express concerns


Here is the  recommended schedule for well visits per the American Academy of Pediatrics
♦The first week visit (3 to 5 days old)
♦1 month old
♦2 months old
♦4 months old
♦ 6 months old
♦ 9 months old
♦ 12 months old
♦15 months old
♦18 months old
♦ 2 years old
♦2.5 years old
♦3 years old
♦After 3 years old there is a well visit for each age until they are 21 years old (4 years-21 years)


If you’re not sure what to expect at your child’s well visit, check out these resources for some guidance: What to Expect at Your Child’s Well-Child Appointment and AAP Schedule of Well-Child Care Visits