Water Safety

Warm weather is here and with it comes beaches and pools!

With that, here are some water safety tip to help keep you and your little one’s safe this summer.


Finding a visible swimsuit   

Some swimsuits are more visible than others, so before you go out and enjoy the warm weather be sure to check the color of yours as well as you children’s swimwear to ensure that they are visible in the water.


Best: highlighter orange, yellow, green, fuchsia

Worst: dark blue, black, white, red


Best: Red, orange, yellow, green, white, fuchsia

Worst: dark blue, blue/green


Ideal: neon/bright and contrasting colors

Re-think: colors that blend in or reflect their surroundings


Click HERE for a visual about visible swimwear


When Swimming at Beaches/Ponds/Rivers


Check the weather beforehand to ensure that the weather is suitable for swimming

Be sure to swim only in designated swimming areas; most of the time if people are not allowed to swim there will be a sign posted stating this.

Try to find a beach that has a lifeguard on duty

Check the water conditions (Kenosha beach conditions) for your local beaches for water temperature and for any bacteria overgrowth in the waters, algae blooms, and choppy waters.

To protect children’s feet think about purchasing swim shoes to prevent cuts, scrapes and to keep little’s feet from burning on the sand

Check for weeds/grass/algae


Swimming in Pools

Read all the safety signs and pay attention to the water depths

Note where the life guards are

Ask for a life jacket if someone does not know how to swim


General Safety Tips

Wear sunscreen

Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every time you get out of the water and reapply frequently while out in the sun

Don’t dive into shallow water

Always supervise children while they are swimming

Use the buddy system

Know your limits when swimming

When it’s too hot, cold, you’re too tired, have had too much sun, or too much hard activity

Don’t engage in horse play while in the water or near the water

Keep hydrated


If you are looking for swim lessons,  in the Kenosha area check out:

Kenosha YMCA

Red Cross (free parent orientation to swim lessons and free water safety course)


Diver Dan’s


For more information about swim safety you can visit:

Children’s Wisconsin

CDC Water Safety

National Drowning Prevention Alliance