Thrush: why is my baby’s tongue white?

Have you ever noticed that your baby has a white tongue and it won’t wipe away no matter how many times you try?  The culprit could be thrush!  What exactly is thrush you might ask.  It is an overgrowth of yeast that coats your baby’s mouth and tongue.  Symptoms to look out for would be the white patches that coat majority of the mouth (tongue, cheeks and inner lips).  If you try to wipe it away and the white patches go away, it is most likely not thrush.  If you try to wipe it away but it doesn’t budge, then it could be thrush.



Things to keep in mind when dealing with a baby that has thrush.  It is fairly common in the first couple months of life.  It is due to a build up of yeast, which could be a result from prolonged sucking.  While it may look bad, it is typically harmless and only causes mild discomfort for little ones.  You can call the pediatrician or your doctor to get prescribed an antifungal medication.  If you have any concerns regarding thrush, contact your baby’s pediatrician to get them in for a check-up.