Summer First Aid Tips


Summer is just about here! And we all know that kids LOVE living summer to the fullest! I mean, don’t we all!? Here are a couple tips to help keep summer safe, healthy and fun for all.

  1. ◊  Don’t forget to hydrate! It’s so easy to soak up those summer days and then realize you haven’t used the bathroom since this morning, yikes!! And keep an eye on diapers. If there hasn’t been a wet diaper in a while, your baby is dehydrated! Make sure you always have water for both you and the kiddos. You can also keep hydration fun with Popsicles, so consider stocking up or even making your own!


  1. ◊  We know there will be falls, spills, trips and skips this summer. Did you know that the best way to clean a wound is NOT with rubbing alcohol? No no no, do not pour alcohol on open skin! It burns AND can cause tissue damage. Good old fashioned soap and water is all you need! And if a bandage is needed, always remember to change it daily. Don’t let those old soggy bandaids sit on wounds as this can cause infection. And if you are ever concerned about needing stitches, don’t wait! Reach out to your child’s physician, even utilize technology to send a picture! There is a time frame as to when stitches can be placed, and if you wait too long, you may miss that needed opportunity.


  1. ◊  Ice ice, baby! Ice is a great way to help pain and swelling. But here’s a very important tip…do not apply ice directly to skin. Always have a barrier, even just a thin piece of fabric (folded paper towels work in a pinch too!) between ice and skin. This goes for ice or cold packs as well. It can damage skin. And one other thing before we wrap this up! Do not leave ice on for more than 15-20 minutes at a time. This is also very important to protect skin and underlying tissues.


  1. ◊   HAVE FUN!!! These years go by fast, so soak up every minute you can with you children! They all say, “The days are long but the years go fast.” It’s so true, trust your wise old mom’s who have been there! Enjoy your summer!

Guest Blogger:  Chris Strash, R.N Aurora

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