Spotlight on Developmental Screenings. What is an ASQ?

 If you’re a parent or caregiver of small children you’ve probably heard the term “developmental screening” before. While there are some parents who are familiar with these screenings there are many that don’t know how the process works. An easy way to describe a screening is a “quick check” of your child’s development. Why does screening matter? Early developmental screening is crucial in a child’s development!! Screening young children is an efficient and effective way for parents and professionals to check a child’s development. It also helps parents celebrate their milestones and accomplishments. Early and consistent screenings help parents and professionals detect delays and disorders, before the children go to school. 

ASQ screenings is an abbreviation for Ages and Stages Questionnaires. The Ages and Stages Questionnaire  is used throughout Kenosha County by health care professions and by the Help Me Grow staff . Developed by healthcare professionals and early educators, The Ages and Stages Questionnaire is a simple set of questions used for over 20 years. The ASQ SE:2 form is specifically designed to access a child’s social emotional development. The ASQ SE:2 checks seven areas of development.

 The ASQ 3 form checks these five areas of development 



2.Gross Motor

3.Fine Motor

4.Problem Solving



Remember, It’s important to ask your Child’s healthcare provider if you ever have questions or concerns regarding your child’s development. For more information regarding ASQ screenings and your child’s development check out Who Uses ASQ? – Ages and Stages.