Play Time: How Play Time Gets Your Toddler Ready for School!

As they grow and develop, your toddler will explore and learn about the world via play time. As a parent or caregiver, you may encourage and support this play. Allow your child plenty of time to play, and join in on the fun whenever possible! Young children start getting ready for school through play. They learn social skills, how to make friends, and they also learn how to feel at ease among other kids. Play gets children ready for learning—paying attention to adults, playing nicely with others, and feeling comfortable being away from their parents. Children can also learn about tough emotions like anger and fear through pretend play.


Here are some tips for enjoying play time with your toddler: 


  • Make sure your child can play safely and easily in areas of your home where you spend a lot of time. Give your toddler plenty of time to explore with safe objects they find interesting. Offer basic materials like crayons, plastic dishes and cups, pots and pans, books, blocks, etc. Your child can mimic your movements and labor in this way. Items should be kept in a secure location or in a container that is visible to and accessible to your child. 


  • Visit places that peak your child’s interest such as the zoo, museums, or libraries. 


  • Let your toddler guide the activities. This will give you a window into the delightful world of your toddler- a world where everything is new and full of possibilities. 


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