Kindergarten Readiness!

We’re not just talking about academics here. Your child’s social, emotional, and behavioral skills are as important for academic achievement, and far too many children in the United States begin kindergarten without them. 


When you’re deciding if your child is kindergarten ready consider the following: 

  • Examine your child’s growth attentively. Is your youngster capable of communicating? How are his social and listening abilities? Will he get along with other youngsters and adults? Is he potty trained? What about physical abilities such as running, playing, or drawing with a crayon or pencil? Here are ten developmental milestones to look out for by the age of five.


  • Discuss developmental milestones and community resources with your child’s pediatrician.


  • Request comments from your child’s preschool instructor and/or childcare provider. He or she is frequently able to supply important, objective views and information.


  • You know your child best, so trust your instincts!


If you have questions or concerns about whether your child is ready to start school, always talk with your pediatrician. You can find additional information below: