Heat Rash

The most common victims of heat rash are infants and young children. It happens when it’s hot and muggy outside. Entrances to the sweat glands are blocked. Little red lumps appear around the sweat duct openings as a result of this. With the July heat, it’s important to check for possible heat rashes in skin folds such as the neck, upper chest, arms, legs, and diaper area. 


How to Avoid Heat Rash: 


  • Dress your infant or toddler in clothing that will keep them cool and dry. 
  • Gently use a fan or air conditioner to keep your child cool.
  • Use cool water to remove any sweat, dry area fully. 
  • Pay close attention to skin folds that stay wet with perspiration, urine, or drool. 


To learn more about heat rashes and how to care for one, click the link below!