Developmental Screening in Kenosha

The most common questions we get about developmental screening in Kenosha, are: Is my child developing normally? How can you gauge? What are the parameters, milestones, indications… etc. Some wonder if their child is a superstar and others want to know if their child is where they are supposed to be socially. When should my baby start talking, walking, growing to a certain height, etc…

If you interested in tracking child development in Kenosha, we at Help Me Grow work with you to help navigate this important time in their lives. The areas we focus on range from communication, motor skills (for large and little muscles) to problem solving and social, as well.

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The Best Place to Go for Child Developmental Screening in Kenosha!

At Help Me Grow Kenosha, we want you to understand what your child should be doing at certain age milestones. We utilize various tools as part of our system — one being screening through ASQ, a resource that outputs data and can begin our discussions on interests, strengths, and challenges your child may have along with multiple activities to engage in with your child for all early stages and competencies.

We communicate the screening results to parents (or guardians) and suggest resources for follow-up, monitoring, or further assessment if needed.

There are many ways we access where your child is at in their developmental journey. If you’re interested in learning more about our child developmental screening in Kenosha, we urge you to get in touch with one of our team members today.

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Why Do Child Development Screening in Kenosha?

Help Me Grow (HMG) is a proven system model rather than a “program.” It’s not a software. It is not a therapy. It is a coordinated effort that takes into account several factors, such as: data analysis, family and community outreach, health, with milestones that can help you understand where your child may be in their development. It is a comprehensive approach to early childhood system-building in any given community.

If you have questions or are wondering about your child’s development, click the contact option below to get in touch with a Help Me Grow Navigator today.

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